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We offer a specialist Gutter Cleaning service using the latest in Gutter Cleaning Technology

Our state of the art system runs an incredibly powerful vacuum and portable video camera equipment. This allows the survey and cleaning of gutters to be performed from ground level. The system is designed for both wet and dry blockages, It is capable of removing all kinds of debris from your gutters. Small plants, leaves, mud, tennis balls etc Contact us today for a no hassle FREE Quote https://www.pristinegutterclean.co.nz/contact-us/

No need for ladders, cherry pickers or expensive scaffolding

using our technology we can significantly reduce costs. As its all done from the safety of the ground, Two storeys high? no problem. Its also a waterless system so there is no mess. Using this method the cleaning of gutters can be done without involving the use of equipment such as a cherry picker or scaffolding. Both of which will certainly drive up the cost of your job, We can eliminate such costs. We aim to be the most cost effective solution to blocked gutters with a friendly smile.

It is incredibly dangerous to clean your gutters by hand

using a ladder or any other system. Investigations by WorkSafe into falls while working at height show that more than 50 percent of falls are from less than three metres. Approximately 70 percent of falls are from ladders and roofs. The cost of these falls is estimated to be $24 million a year – to say nothing of the human cost as a result of these falls. Please do not let yourself become one of these statistics, Leave the gutter cleaning to us.  https://worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/working-at-height/working-at-height-in-nz/

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